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Kimona Look 20224


The practicality of the Kimona by JP garments, as well as the wide range of designs offer our clients a comfortable, accessible and stylish alternative for women's most special moments. The craftsmanship and the elaboration of its own and personalized garments is one of the most characteristic hallmarks of Kimona by JP, as well as the unmistakable seal "Made in Spain".
In addition to our designs, our Firm has a workshop of artisans to develop exclusive and customized pieces, if the client so wishes.
Kimona by JP is the perfect proposal for women who take care of themselves from the inside out, inspiring through their style, a lifestyle brimming with confidence and beauty.
Algodón Orgánico 100%


Because we love the planet, at Kimona we care about the environmental and social impact of our products and manufacturing processes and we work to minimize the negative impact and maximize the positive impact.

We use sustainable materials in our garments, including materials such as organic cotton, linen, organic wool, etc. 
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