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Kimona Looks 2024


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The practicality of the Kimona by JP garments, as well as the wide range of designs offer our clients a comfortable, accessible and stylish alternative for women's most special moments.

Craftsmanship and the production of own and personalized garments is one of the most characteristic hallmarks of Kimona by JP. In addition to our one-size-fits-all designs, our firm has a workshop of artisans to develop exclusive pieces tailored to the customer who so desires with our exclusive
"custom service"of any of the garments to give Kimona the unmistakable seal of quality, all with the unmistakable insignia"Made in Spain".

Kimona by JP is the perfect proposal for women who take care of themselves from the inside out, inspiring through their style, a lifestyle brimming with confidence and beauty.
Jana Perez, CEO
Jana Perez

Model, actress, presenter and now founder and designer of this brand of unique kimonos that she has created by herself during the 2020 pandemic.

Jana has traveled to New York, Los Angeles, the UK, India, Turkey, Germany, Greece and many other countries working as a model and actress from a very young age. An unstoppable career has been created with a lot of effort, dedication and self-love. And so she herself recognizes that she has created this clothing brand with which she began by designing kimonos for women and that little by little is expanding and designing new pieces of clothing, including her collections. With illusion, patience and a lot of perseverance.

She combines this new concept that excites her so much with her filming and work as a model and actress.

"Imagination is there to be able to create, travel and carry out goals and illusions, if you add to that believing in yourself you will keep your soul and spirit alive."    JP


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